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Take control of your finances with a bad credit loan

Bad Credit Loans is a friendly and understanding team of bad credit experts, providing loans for people with poor and bad credit at competitive rates.
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What are bad credit loans?

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When you have bad credit, a loan can feel out of reach. Many of the banks will turn you down because you are not considered “creditworthy”. With each application, they check your credit file leaving a credit enquiry on your file. This can lower your credit score and lower any hopes of securing finance. 

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We understand that life is not always straightforward. Sometimes we are thrown with curveballs that can get in the way of our financial goals. We believe that this should not impact your financial future. We see people as humans, not credit files.

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That’s why we offer a range of fast and competitive funding options for people with bad credit. Rather than applying with a bank, speak to one of our understanding loan experts. We’ll take the time to understand your situation and find the most suitable way to put you in a better place. 

Personal loans

bad credit personal loans

A bad credit personal loan can help when you are looking to cover any personal expenses. Many Bad Credit Loans clients use our debt consolidation loans or low doc loans for holidays, vehicle expenses, medical bills, and other unexpected expenses. Try our loan repayment calculator to find out the best repayment terms for your needs.

bad credit business loans

Business loans

Your business shouldn’t suffer just because you have poor or bad credit. Bad Credit Loans understand that sometimes you need to access funds fast to pay for a delivery, shipment, or simply to cover some start-up costs for your business. We believe you should have the opportunity to have a business loan and not be judged because of your bad credit.

A bad credit loan for all your financial needs 

You can’t plan for everything and sometimes you may need financial assistance. Even if you have a low credit score we can help.
Car repairs

Car repairs



Business expenses loan

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Why choose Bad Credit Loans?

With our competitive rates and tailored service, we’ve helped thousands of Aussies get the funding they deserve. 
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Speedy approval

Are you in need of quick funding? You have come to the right place! Our loan experts can quickly assess your loan application and get you approved. Funding is possible within as little as 24 hours of approval.

Simple loans, simple paperwork

Don’t have the documentation needed to get funding? Keep it simple with our low doc bad credit loans. Minimal documentation is necessary to get your loan approved.

We Can Say "Yes"

Sick of being turned down by traditional lenders? Our team of bad credit experts will get to know your credit situation and tailor the most suitable loans solution for your financial circumstances.

What our clients say

  • Lisa M – Sydney NSW

    Lisa M – Sydney NSW

    “With their help, I was able to get my finances back on track and my credit back to good. They had an easy application and were fast at getting me the approval I needed. They believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.” ★★★★★
  • Jonathan S – Perth WA

    Jonathan S – Perth WA

    “I made financial mistakes that lead me down the path of bad credit, but the team did not judge me on my past. They saw the potential of my future and helped me achieve good credit again. I can’t thank them enough.” ★★★★★
  • Megan, Ellie, Shawn – Melbourne Vic

    Megan, Ellie, Shawn – Melbourne Vic

    “Being a single mother of two is hard. Being a single mother of two is even harder when you don’t have excellent credit and need a small loan for school supplies. The team at was not only great to me, but made me feel important and cared for.” ★★★★★
  • Brad – NSW

    Brad – NSW

    “These guys were a life saver! Fast and easy. Five stars! Can’t thank them enough!!!!!!” ★★★★★
  • Jonathan – Brisbane QLD

    Jonathan – Brisbane QLD

    “No judging on my past credit history. They were able to approve me over the phone and were so helpful and kind.” ★★★★★
  • Michael & Family – Wollongong NSW

    Michael & Family – Wollongong NSW

    “I was struggling to ends meet for my family. They helped me with a small personal loan that saved my family from being on the streets. They saved our lives. I owe them more than just this thank you.” ★★★★★
  • Kirk – Fremantle WA

    Kirk – Fremantle WA

    “I didn’t think I’d be able to get a loan, but the team helped me understand what options I had and gave me the information I needed to make a decision on what to do.” ★★★★★
  • Daniela A – Queensland

    Daniela A – Queensland

    “Initially, they couldn’t help me with the defaults I had on my credit file. Once I was able to get the defaults removed, they were able to step up to the plate and help me with a loan. They gave me another chance at getting my life back together.” ★★★★★
  • Olivia – Canberra ACT

    Olivia – Canberra ACT

    “When they say fast approvals and easy applications, they are telling the truth. Shelby was there for me all the way. Thanks!” ★★★★★
  • Rene Wilkinson - Perth WA

    Rene Wilkinson - Perth WA

    “I really want to say thank you to my team. With their help, I was able to get a new lease on life. They are A plus.” ★★★★★

Competitive rates for people with bad credit

Too often life throws a curve ball your way and it seems easier to lean on your credit cards. Unfortunately, a credit card in Australia usually sits at around a 15-20% interest rate. This can get expensive if it is not paid off quickly. Before you know it, your credit card debt has spiraled out of control. This will affect your credit report as your creditworthiness many be impacted. Lenders will be able to see your negative listing which reduces your chance of loan approval. 

We understand that the traditional way of borrowing for emergency funds can be difficult, especially if you are one of many bad credit record holders in Australia. That’s why we offer a range of bad credit loans at competitive and flexible pricing. Whether is a bad credit car loan, no credit check loan or business loan, we’ve got a variety of loans to suit a variety of situations. We’ll find the best solution for all of your cash needs, regardless of bad credit history, to suit your current financial situation.

Our bad credit loans have rates that are adjusted to your situation and offer a much more suitable funding option with a manageable interest rate.

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