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Are you struggling to find funding? – Is bad credit making it hard to get a loan? Too many Australians face this uphill battle alone, going bank to bank with little luck. Bad credit happens, don’t give up hope. Apply for a loan with people that understand bad credit situations. We have over 20 years of bad credit experience, helping bad credit applicants all over Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart or anywhere else in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, ACT, SA and TAS.

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Loan Types

Bad Credit Loans Australia

We understand that time is important to you, and our friendly team work quickly to go through your loan application form. Our process is really simple and our team will ask you all the right questions without any judgment so you can access your funds as soon as possible. Choose from our range of personal loans for people with bad credit today.

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Loan Types

Bad Credit Personal Loans Australia

A bad credit personal loan can help when you are looking to fund your personal life. Many of our clients use our debt consolidation loans or low doc loans for holidays, vehicle expenses, medical bills and other unexpected expenses. Try our loan repayment calculator to find out the best repayment terms for your needs. Apply for bad credit finance today!

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Loan Types

Bad Credit Business Loans

Your business shouldn’t suffer just because you have poor or bad credit. We understand that sometimes you need to access funds fast to pay for a delivery, shipment, or simply to cover some start up costs for your business. We believe you should have the opportunity to have a business loan and not be judged just because you have bad credit.

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It can be discouraging getting turned away due to a past borrowing mistake. A default or missed payment on your credit file does not mean you are a bad borrower. We can help you sort it out. We offer loans for blacklisted people who have been turned away by the banks and other bad credit lenders when applying for financial assistance. We’re more than happy to offer personal loans for people with bad credit across Australia.

If you have a bad credit file due to:

Bad Credit Due to Late Payments

Late Payment

Bad Credit Due to Financial Hardship

Financial Hardship

Bad Credit Due to Loan Default

Loan Default

Bad Credit Due to Missed Payments

Missed Payment

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When you have poor credit or bad credit, a loan can feel out of reach. Many of the banks will turn you down. On top of that, every time you apply with a bank and they check your credit file, your credit score is lowered a little.


With all the enquiries, not only does your credit score take a hit, but your confidence does too. Nobody likes to get rejected for money, especially when you need it to cover life’s surprises. The lending guidelines banks use can create a barrier for you to get funding. With a few past borrowing errors on your record, it becomes impossible to borrow. So unless you repair your credit as quickly as possible, you may never get the funding you need at that precise moment.


Turn to a lender who sees you as a person, not a file. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for loans in Sydney or Perth no one is too far away for us to help. We have an easy online enquiry form. Our process isn’t about judging you for your credit file. We take time to understand your situation and find a way to put you in a better place. We can assist you with personal loans for bad credit to help you fund your life!


Too often life throws a curve ball your way and it seems easier to lean on your credit cards. A credit card in Australia usually sits at around a 15-20% interest rate. This can get expensive if not paid off and can get out of control fast. Since it directly affects your credit report, your credit worthiness gets jeopardised whenever you apply for credit because lenders can see your negative listing.


We understand that the traditional way of borrowing emergency cash can be difficult if you are one of many bad credit record holders in Australia. Are you looking for bad credit personal loan, bad credit car loans, bad credit home loans, bad credit motorbike loans, bad credit no credit check loans? Look no further! We find you the best solution for all of your cash needs regardless of bad credit history. Whatever type of bad credit loan you need, we’re here for you!


Our bad credit loan rates are adjusted to your situation and offer a much more suitable funding option with a manageable interest rate. Are you tired of lengthy processes in order to borrow money? We have a free, no-obligation, 30 second online enquiry for our badcreditloans. Get started with an easy and understanding process – Apply Today!


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