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impulsive shopaholic behaviour

Why We Have Shopaholic Behaviour

Being a shopaholic can put you in a financial crisis. There is nothing wrong in spending your hard earned money but problems start to come in when the desire to buy seems to be uncontrollable. Purchasing things that you don’t really need which just turns into clutter or you end up wondering why you bought a whole stack of canned goods. You can’t get out of the mall without purchasing anything. If you are experiencing the same thing, then you may be a shopaholic. Advertisers and their marketing strategies try to manipulate or affect one’s spending habits, but the brain […]


Fund your next holiday with personal loans

There is always a reason or a season to take a holiday. Maybe the weather is getting worse and worse at home. The kids might be out of school for a week. You might just be leaving university and want to take a trip to celebrate. Everyone can find a reason to go on holiday but not everybody can find the money for one. If you are young and have not begun accumulating savings enough to take a trip then you might be thinking of asking your parents for some cash. If you are a parent then maybe you see […]


Going Out Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone wants to go out but no one wants to spend a chunk of their pay cheque just to meet up with friends. You don’t have to break the bank just to see your friends. There are lots of ways to socialise and not have to break the bank. Getting out of the house to hang out with friends can feel like a burden to your finances if it always involves bringing out your credit card. It used to be that just seeing friends was enough but as we get older it seems like it always costs money just to […]