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What Is A Margin Loan?

A margin loan is a type of gearing that allows you to borrow a particular sum of money you can use for investments. Typically, you would use your existing cash, as well as shares and other managed funds in the form of security. Plus, the sum you are permitted to borrow is imminently influenced by your portfolio, and the securities you can offer. Margin loans are designed especially for investors who continually monitor their investments. Plus, it allows borrowers to benefit from flexibility. However, it can either grow your earning or magnify your loss. For this reason, it’s essential that […]


Top Gardening Tips for this Summer

Gardening is an activity which the whole family can enjoy especially during summer. Planting lush greens and flowers add beauty to any garden. Trees provide instant shade to protect you from heat and direct sunlight. Plant a variety of blooms to add colour and choose fragrant flowers to keep your surrounding smelling sweet. There a lot of things you can do to improve your garden. Gardening may sound like a pensioner’s hobby but it doesn’t need to be. It can actually relax you after a long day of stressful work. Just the act of planting something and watching it grow […]


Tax Rates to Increase for Alcohol, Petrol and Cigarettes

As of February 1st, drinkers and drivers are looking at higher tax rates and more expensive habits, while smokers will do the same starting in March. The change is due to the excise indexation that happens twice a year because of inflation. While the people targeted are surely not happy about the extra expense, automatic indexation has been in practice since the 1980s when the Hawke government introduced it. Petrol users had a break since 2001, when the Howard government froze the rate at 38.1c per litre because the GST was introduced. However, as of last year, the fuel made […]