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living pay check to pay check

Dispel Fears of Living Pay Check to Pay Check

Living pay check to pay check means that you can barely manage to cover all your financial obligations with your current earnings. There are numerous Australians who are struggling with this. The bad news is that such a status is usually equivalent with economic vulnerability, and it also triggers a lot of fears. But the key to success is learning to get free of them. Otherwise, you will be stuck with them for a long time, and you will not be able to progress. Living Pay Check to Pay Check You don’t need to give up on all the things […]


Beware of Direct Debit Payments

Direct debit emerged and became popular because of online services that are available today. It is a financial transaction of withdrawing funds from another’s account. This is a method where an account holder allows or authorizes the bank to pay a fixed amount meant for a service on a regular basis. Today more and more individuals who use online services utilize this payment approach simply because it brings convenience. Direct Debit Payments Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of direct debit payments. Pros: Convenience – It is convenient on both parties the customer and the online service […]


Rethink Your Debt Management Plan

As the personal loan market is in continuous change, specialists advise every Australian to rethink their debt management plan for 2016. You should take advantage of all the changes that happen nowadays in the financial market and get control of your debt. Of course, brokers are also encouraged to support the clients by re-examining the products and services which can be used to help them. From the beginning of the year, the banks had a considerable tendency of tightening personal loan criteria. According to experts, the trend is the same for mortgage and asset-based loans. Taking all these into consideration, […]


Why Being Single Pays Off

There’s an advantage of being single. It’s not a bad thing. Maybe you haven’t met the right one or not just ready yet, so what? Being single either by choice or by destiny is not a negative thing. Not every couple is happy. Most of them are facing infidelity and financial issues. They get stressed often times which is not good. Unlike singles, they are independent, they have more money for themselves and they are free as a bird. Being single allows individuals to join their families and friends anytime they want. They don’t lose the bond with these people. […]