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how to enjoy your work

How to Enjoy Your Work

We are always told that in order to come to enjoy your work and your daily job, you should just go with your gut and make your passion your work, but that doesn’t always work. As Chris Guillebeau aptly points out, that severely limits your potential for success by only allowing one single path. According to the Fair Work Commission, Australians are not as satisfied with their jobs as they could be. So then, what should an Aussie do to enjoy their work? It’s a better idea to go about it searching for a career that touches upon three crucial […]


Tax Deductions for Work-Related Car Expenses

During the last five years, the number of Australian drivers who wanted to benefit from tax deductions for their car expenses has increased considerably. In fact, according to the latest reports, this type of claims expanded by almost 30% since 2009. Because of this, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) decided to change the rules regarding tax deductions for this year. Consequently, many Aussies will probably receive less than what they claimed. The evolution of tax deductions for work-related car expenses In order to understand why the new rules were a necessity, Mark Chapman, who is H & R Block director […]