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The 5 Ways to Make Bad Credit Loans Work for You

Bad credit loans can work for you if you follow a simple set of guidelines. The latest nationwide research shows that as many as 30-35% of working Australians benefit from bad credit loans at one time or another during their working lives. A bad credit history can commonly occur for any number of reasons from something as simple as a declined credit application to a significant overdue debt in the thousands or hundreds of thousands. The bad credit loan is a great way to remedy your particular situation without having to rely on a loan from a traditional lender such […]


Passing the 3 x step Pay-Pass Test with Flying Colours

The Australian Financial Research Group CANSTAR has devised a recommended 3 x step user guide for getting the most out of the increasingly popular PAY-PASS bank card option. The latest numbers from Beyond Bank Australia point to a growing trend of widespread, nationwide popularity with around 86% of Australian consumers preferring to go contactless particularly with small purchases such as coffee, groceries and alcohol etc, a huge jump up approximately 50% since mid 2014. From those surveyed, many replied they found it the most convenient method especially in the supermarket, during lunch hour and on the run generally. The number […]