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How to Deal With Bad Credit if You Are Renting

  A bad credit rating will cause all sorts of problems, from getting your car loan denied, to the impossibility of getting a mortgage. Moreover, you will even have some issues when you’re looking to rent an apartment. Nowadays, landlords will check your credit score history before giving you the apartment. They’ll want to see if your finances are in order and if you have a good credit rating. This will tell them whether you can make the payments on time or not. In case you have a bad credit and can’t manage to close the deal on a rental, […]


How to Avoid Being Scammed With a Bad Credit Loan

  Many people turn towards bad credit loans because they don’t have an optimal credit score to apply for a standard loan. Unfortunately, more and more Aussies get scammed by fake lenders that promise a certain loan, in exchange for some charges. There is a number of fake loan offers on the market, and figuring out which ones are legitimate or not is quite difficult. The process used by scammers is remarkably similar to the one employed for regular bad credit loans. So, you should keep an eye out for the following signs: Pay attention to the way in which […]


Getting a Bad Credit Loan When You’re Self Employed

  Self-employed people or entrepreneurs usually have a tough time getting a loan. This happens because they don’t have all the necessary paperwork to attest that they have the finances to repay the loan. Not being able to prove that you have a steady income will make you realise that getting a loan approved is almost impossible. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Bad credit business loans for self-employed people do exist and are designed to help the ones in need, just like you! How Do Bad Credit Loans for Self-Employed People Work? They don’t require all documents A standard loan relies […]


5 Questions to Ask Before Applying Short Term Bad Credit Loans

  With prices going up at every milestone, a person with an average income has only two concerns that dominate: how to pay off their short-term debts and how to preserve their financial health for a longer time? And how do you manage that if your credit is already as bad as it is? Well, in this case, some short term bad credit loans may help you. Taking such a loan and paying it faithfully may indeed heal your credit score – that is, if old habits die hard. But before applying for it, here are some questions that you […]