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how to create a budgeting plan

How To Create A Budgeting Plan

Do you find yourself questioning why your bank account is so empty ? Are you sick of making ends meet? Is your bank account screaming for help?  The first step to improving your finances and getting back on track is to learn how to budget. Fortunately, you have already taken the first step towards getting back on track.  Learn how to create a budgeting plan with this 6 step infographic


Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Return

With the Government passing the Low to Middle Income Tax Offset, over 11 million Australian taxpayers are expected to receive a refund of up to $1,080. With the average refund at $2,574; there is no better time to have a good plan for your money. Remember that your tax refund is just that; money that you have earned. Think carefully before you spend your entire tax refund. Assess your financial situation and determine the best possible use for your refund. Here are some smart ways to use your tax return and improve your financial situation. Save your money If you […]


When Is A Personal Loan Better Than Afterpay?

The recent rise of buy now pay later services such as Afterpay have changed the way in which consumers purchase a product or service. If you are one of the million customers using Afterpay, you may find yourself splurging on un-necessary handbags, holidays or haircare products to list a few. Whilst these buy now pay later services are changing the way in which customers shop, they may not be suitable for people in debt. In such cases, a personal loan may be more ideal. What is Afterpay? The concept is simple. You immediately purchase a product or pay for a […]


20 Ways To Cut Down Monthly Expenses

Do you have bad credit? Are you struggling to cut down your monthly expenses? Saving money is similar to losing weight. If you want to lose a lot of weight fast, you may need to take extreme physical and dietary measures. Unfortunately, this is not healthy and it is not a long term way of keeping the weight off. Saving money is exactly the same. If you allocate an extreme amount of money towards your savings, you will definitely save money and pay off any debt. Unfortunately, this approach is not sustainable and you will struggle to develop good long […]


Types of Loans for People with Bad Credit

Do you find yourself on Google searching “loans for people with bad credit”? There may have been a time where you were sick of hearing, “Sorry your credit application has been denied”. A bad credit, however, is not as catastrophic as it once was. There are many solutions available online that can help you get the necessary funding you need. If you haven’t got the time to research it all yourself, don’t worry, we have you covered. In the following article, well introduce you to the most common types of loans for people with bad credit. Your Options: HELOC A […]


Can I Get Loans With Bad Credit?

Have you searched “loans with bad credit” in Google recently?” Chances are, you are not alone. In fact, over 270000 other Australians search loans with bad credit each month. There are many Australians in the exact same situation that you are facing. Bad credit does not have to haunt your chances of securing a loan. Bad credit loans exist. If you are looking for a loan with bad credit, it does not mean that you are near bankruptcy; nor does it mean that you will lose everything you own. Apply for a loan with bad credit is not impossible, it […]


The Advantages of Bad Credit Loans

  Not everyone has a clear credit history.  Whether we like it or not, our financial situation has its ups and downs. There are times where you do not manage to gather all the money for your monthly payments, and you struggle with high-interest rates. In Australia, one out of five people has bad credit, which means they encounter difficulties, especially when it comes to applying for another loan. A bad credit score has the potential to emotionally and financially impact your life. If you or your company has a bad credit history; consider a bad credit loan. In fact, bad credit […]


Practical Advice on Getting Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans help finance your urgent needs or want when your budget cannot accommodate such expense at the moment. By getting a personal loan you don’t have to use up your savings or shake off your current cash flow just to bridge a present financial gap. This type of loan also helps you get the right amount of money for unexpected expenses without having to put up securities. Here are tips to boost your chances of getting unsecured loans with the most affordable rates: 1. Organise your personal finances Before you apply make sure that your finances are in order. Borrowers […]


Personal Loan After Bankruptcy? Is It Possible?

  Filing for bankruptcy can be a tough and life-changing experience. The financial stress along with emotional pressure is difficult for any person to grasp. As tough as the process is, you are not alone. According to AFSA, There were 16811 new bankruptcies in Australia in 2017 – 2018, an increase of 3.0% from 2016-2017. You may think that you are stuck in a spiralling hole. However, there are many options to get back on track.  If you have declared bankruptcy, you can still apply for a personal loan. A personal loan can help if you have a bad credit […]