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How to Spot Bad Credit Loan Scams

  You know you’re in a pickle when you need a bad credit loan. Bad credit loans do exist. Subsequently, bad credit loan scams are real, as well. A lot of persons fall into the traps of certain “companies” that promise money in as little as 24 hours from the request. It’s not ethical, obviously, but nothing is in this day and age. The Internet, as fascinating as it would be, facilitated the appearance of hundreds of scammers. If you need a bad credit loan, you must learn how to shield yourself against bad credit loan scams. They’re everywhere, but […]


Do I Really Need Help from a Debt Counsellor?

  Being indebted is nerve-wracking. It’s like having an enormous load on your shoulders 24/7. The prospect that the situation will remain unchanged for years to come (depending on the size of the debt), is even more horrifying. “Default” and “bankruptcy” start recurring in your mind, and they seem so incredibly efficient that you’re inching towards destroying your own life. Naturally, every person who is in debt looks for methods of getting rid of it. Financial tools like debt consolidation and refinancing can help, to some degree, but sometimes give birth to even more debt. In this case, would debt […]