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Commercial Real Estate in Sydney CBD – Get it while it’s hot

The weather might be chilly in Sydney’s CBD but the commercial real estate market is hot. There are some big names moving locations, expanding and moving in around the city. The shuffling of office spaces by big names is making for some interesting opportunities for smaller businesses to move around and take advantage of the commercial real estate options being made available in the process. Commercial Real Estate Shuffling Declining to make a comment about a potential move, ING Bank might possibly be moving locations from their home on 140 Sussex Street to 60 Margaret Street. Whenever big names move […]

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Money Management – Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Debt may seem as a natural part of life these days but without proper money management you can fall into bad debt. Credit cards had made falling into debt as easy as swiping that plastic over the counter.  Like the speed of information exchanging on the internet, you may find yourself deep in a bad debt situation in the blink of an eye. Fortunately you have an option. You have the choice between a good and a bad debt. Of course as a rational person, one would choose the good over the bad. However it is not as simple as […]

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Ensuring Your Return on Investment

Investing is both a business and a game, the goal is to make sure you get a return on investment or you have lost the game. To ensure you are getting the profit you deserve here are some tips to increase the probability of a fast return on investment. 7 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Return on Investment Do your homework Research. The first step in investing is to learn everything about the investment. From the risks to the benefits involved. If you are into property investment, consider the factors surrounding the local property market, perhaps it has […]

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How to save money on weddings

Weddings are fun but can leave you with a huge debt at the end. Weddings are a time for celebration and happiness; you should be able to get through with it without spending a fortune so you will only have good memories about this very special day for you and your partner. According to market research, an average Australian wedding costs $36,000, give or take a little. Even a lifetime of memories should not cost that much, and to think that you will spend that much for one day is just not practical. Not to say that you should penny […]

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Moving house checklist – What not to bring over

If it is time to move houses then it is also time to make a checklist of the things you will be taking and the things you will need to leave or get rid of. The trouble of moving can be made easier by leaving some things behind at the old place and getting rid of other things all together. Moving House Checklist Mattresses and frames Big items like sofas, bed frames, and mattresses can be picked up by the local garbage disposal companies or sold and new replacements can be ordered and sent to your new house. A new […]

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Avoid bad credit rating – No more credit cards

We all want to avoid bad credit rating because a pristine credit history can guarantee a bank loan. One will not have difficulties securing a loan if he’s confident about his credit score. However, people with poor credit rating can only resort to quick loans that usually have higher interest rates. Here are some suggestions to avoid bad credit rating. How to avoid bad credit rating Stick to your budget. Prioritise your basic needs over your wants.  To determine your budget, deduct your monthly expenses from your monthly salary and from the total amount set aside money for unexpected occurrences […]

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Loans for People with Bad Credit

More and more Australians are experiencing the quicksand that a bad credit rating is like. This is very unfortunate, because most of the people who struggle with a low credit score are the people around us, and the people we know. The truth is that it is easy to fall behind on payments and obligations, no matter how hard people try. Bad credit can come about for various reasons. A person may have gotten involved in a serious accident, and racked up medical bills that can get extremely expensive. A freelancer may have work that is seasonal in nature, and […]

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Bad Credit Personal Loans – Easier to access than you would think

There are numerous reasons people get into a situation where their credit file suffers. Having too much debt at one time that makes keeping up with total monthly payments can lead to missed payment and default, and both of these common issues can have a negative impact on your credit file. Losing a job or taking on a monthly housing payment that is too much for your monthly income can also create a circumstance where you simply can’t keep up with your debt repayment obligations. Although it is possible to repair credit through on-time repayments and correcting past defaults, getting […]

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How can I get out of debt with bad credit?

Bad credit can happen to anyone, as financial circumstances can quickly change, credit card payments can become too much of a burden or the high cost of housing takes a toll on the monthly budget. Each of these aspects can have a harmful effect on a person’s credit score if delinquencies start to be the norm or nonpayment becomes an issue. No matter the cause of bad credit, it can be a daunting task to determine what options may work best for your specific circumstances. In order to get out of debt with bad credit, it is necessary to know […]

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