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Wedding on a Budget – Backyard Wedding

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If the most awaited event in your life – your wedding – is steadily approaching, you’re already on the path you wish to be. Whether you are into a backyard wedding or a beach wedding, before eliminating these alternatives, you should hear the main reasons why a backyard wedding can be an excellent option.

Wedding on a Budget

Save some cash

First and foremost, allow me to begin with the most obvious reason you should opt for a backyard wedding – it’s free. Not entirely free, but, imagine that you wouldn’t have to pay for the venue hosting your wedding. How much money would you be saving? Plenty. Besides the expenses related to the site, there are always additional costs, such as security deposit or per-person charges.

I know what you’re thinking – you will need to rent chairs and tables and many other things. But still, the amount of money you will manage to save will be a lot, even with the renting expenses.

Pick whichever date you want

Probably the most undervalued reason for choosing a backyard wedding is the fact that you can pick whichever wedding date you please. What other venue on the planet allows you this exquisite luxury?

A backyard wedding dismisses all the stress related to finding the perfect place on the perfect day and gives you complete independence in this direction.

Plan the wedding by your rules

A wedding venue imminently is attached to a myriad of restrictions and rules. Whether we’re talking about time restrictions or styling indications, they can genuinely ruin your special day. If, however, you host the wedding in your backyard, you are the master of your ceremony, and you don’t have to abide by any set of rules.

Your wedding can last for as many hours as you please, and you can take plenty of time in advance to plan everything according to your personal style and preference.

It’s intimate

Intimate is probably the best word that describes a backyard wedding. Only because you can genuinely feel at home, you can indeed behave as you please. Plus, you can aim at creating the perfect ceremony setting you have dreamed of. And no employee or superior can come to you and say that you are not allowed to create a particular décor.

And lastly, but equally important, your guests will feel more comfortable and relaxed. They will be able to actually enjoy themselves. All in all, the entire experience of a backyard ceremony creates a memorable, unforgettable event that is most likely to remain in the memory of all your guests. It’s unique, intimate, relaxed, and, financially-convenient! What more can you ask from a wedding?