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Can You Get a Bad Credit Loan If You’re Self-Employed?

Getting a bad credit loan for the self-employed is not something that is impossible to achieve. Even lenders know that some self-employed people can have a rough time in the business and that can be reflected in their finances. As a result, they may no longer be able to keep up with their taxes, loans, and other payments. This is why they develop bad credit. Luckily, they are still eligible for certain loans. Let’s see how you can get a loan if you’re self-employed and have bad credit. What Can You Do If You Have Bad Credit? Being self-employed and […]


Commercial Real Estate in Sydney CBD – Get it while it’s hot

The weather might be chilly in Sydney’s CBD but the commercial real estate market is hot. There are some big names moving locations, expanding and moving in around the city. The shuffling of office spaces by big names is making for some interesting opportunities for smaller businesses to move around and take advantage of the commercial real estate options being made available in the process. Commercial Real Estate Shuffling Declining to make a comment about a potential move, ING Bank might possibly be moving locations from their home on 140 Sussex Street to 60 Margaret Street. Whenever big names move […]


Ensuring Your Return on Investment

Investing is both a business and a game, the goal is to make sure you get a return on investment or you have lost the game. To ensure you are getting the profit you deserve here are some tips to increase the probability of a fast return on investment. 7 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Return on Investment Do your homework Research. The first step in investing is to learn everything about the investment. From the risks to the benefits involved. If you are into property investment, consider the factors surrounding the local property market, perhaps it has […]


Signs You Are Growing Money-Wise

Growing up doesn’t always mean becoming an adult. There are different stages of maturing physically and mentally, people grow in their own different way. One of the most important aspects of growing or “adulthood” is financial growth and stability. Financial growth or financial adulthood is taking care of your money and spending it wisely without ending up with bad credit. What is bad credit? It happens when you constantly don’t or are unable to pay back your loans on time, resulting in a negative credit rating. When you have bad credit, money lenders such as banks, will deny your applications […]