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need a loan been refused everywhere

Need a loan and been refused everywhere

If you’re in need of a loan and have been refused everywhere, it is more than likely that you have not met the requirements of the lender. Whilst this may be annoying, it is not the end of the world. The key to dealing with loan rejection is understanding why your loan has been rejected


How To Create A Budgeting Plan

Do you find yourself questioning why your bank account is so empty ? Are you sick of making ends meet? Is your bank account screaming for help?  The first step to improving your finances and getting back on track is to learn how to budget. Fortunately, you have already taken the first step towards getting back on track.  Learn how to create a budgeting plan with this 6 step infographic


Personal Loan After Bankruptcy? Is It Possible?

  Filing for bankruptcy can be a tough and life-changing experience. The financial stress along with emotional pressure is difficult for any person to grasp. As tough as the process is, you are not alone. According to AFSA, There were 16811 new bankruptcies in Australia in 2017 – 2018, an increase of 3.0% from 2016-2017. You may think that you are stuck in a spiralling hole. However, there are many options to get back on track.  If you have declared bankruptcy, you can still apply for a personal loan. A personal loan can help if you have a bad credit […]


Must-Knows Before Opting for No Credit Check Loans

Opting for any kind of loan without a thorough financial knowledge is a potentially catastrophic practice. Especially for no credit check loans. Before you apply for no credit check loans, do yourself a favour and make sure you’re familiar with some of the hidden traps you might fall into if you’re about to get your first loan. The Most Crucial Must-Knows Believe it or not, there is a good part in no credit loans Well, your credit score will not be much of an issue. Even if your score is incredibly low, they will not verify it. Also, some of […]


Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Getting Personal Loans

  When you’re in need of extra funds, personal loans can provide financial relief. They are often used to cover urgent, unexpected expenses or to consolidate debt. But, taking the time to choose your personal loan can pay off. On the other hand, making a rushed decision could equal havoc for your finances. That being said, today we’ll talk about the top mistakes one should avoid making when it comes to taking out personal loans. Here they are!   Borrowing Money Instead of Saving Although the alternative of personal loans is certainly reassuring, you should first establish whether you actually […]


Consumer Suggested Resources

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