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Creative Budgeting – Living on Tight Budgets

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Budgeting is the key to save money. How do you save? Do you spend first and save what is left or you save first and spend what is left? Do you save a portion of your monthly income? What if your income is just enough for your monthly expenses?

It is time to cut your usual expenses. You may not notice it but you probably have been spending on the wrong item, or you live a lavish lifestyle. Budgeting is normally what moms do and with a little creativity they make the most out of it. Everyone can put themselves on a budget especially if they want to save or use the money for a much better purpose like investing. Listed here are effective budgeting tips and tricks and areas where you can cut down your expenses:

Budgeting Tips


  • How often do you go out and see a movie? Watching movies at the cinema is quite expensive if you do it frequently. Aside from tickets, popcorns and soda are priced a bit higher compared to supermarkets. Why don’t you exchange downloaded movies with your friends or watch on YouTube? You can watch all day without involving cash.


  • If it’s a short distance, try to walk or ride a bike. Having physical activities not only promotes good health but also makes our mother earth happy. Avoid using your car if you can manage to walk the distance.


  • Ask yourself before you buy an item, do you really need it? Consumers love items on sale. Even if the item is discounted, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. You can use coupons, buy in bulk then share it with a friend to split the bill, pay in cash (avoid scratching your plastics), hit the mall once or twice a month so you don’t tempt yourself from buying (stay at home), and eat before you shop.
  • Bring water wherever you go. It keeps you hydrated and keeps you from buying soda and bottled water.


  • How often do you eat in restaurants? Isn’t it nice to grill and cook outdoors? Instead of dining in fast food restaurants during weekends, why not take your barbecue grill outdoors? You can also try a new recipe at home.
  • Pack lunch and snacks. Fast food is expensive when they add up. Bring sandwiches and home cooked meals instead of buying. It’s healthier too!

Budgeting does not suggest you deprive yourself. It only requires you to be creative and make good use of what you have instead of spending and spending. Budgeting is one way to limit your expenses and be able to save whatever is left.