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Frequently asked questions about
Bad Credit Loans

No impact on your credit rating - Obligation free
Bad credit happens to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. You may have had trouble coming up with the necessary funds for a repayment, lost track of various repayment dates, or whatever the reason, you get struck down with bad credit on your history.

A bad credit loan is a loan that is offered to people who have a low credit score. If your credit score has been impacted by missed payments, court judgments, blackmarks or defaults you may find it hard to secure a loan from traditional banks. A bad credit loan offers you a second chance at finance.

There are a few ways in which you can check your credit score. Bad credit loans can provide a credit check. Alternatively, you can find your credit score online through the following national credit reporting bodies:

Our team of understanding experts have helped thousands of Australians get a second chance at finance. We offer a range of fast and flexible bad credit loans that are tailored towards your specific financial situation. We are determined to support your financial journey so that you can do whatever it is that you want to do. Explore our services here.

With a bad credit loan, you have the freedom to do well whatever it is that you want. We offer a variety of loans including personal bad credit loans, bad credit business loans, and low documentation loans. Pay your credit card bills, buy a car, travel, set up a business, and hire new staff. The possibilities are endless with bad credit loans.

It’s really easy to apply for a loan with bad credit loans. Simply fill out our online enquiry form. Make sure that all your information is honest and accurate. A loan consultant will contact you for a hassle-free and no-obligation consultation.

If you prefer to talk to someone instead, call us on 1300 123 328. Visit our enquiry page to see our opening hours.

A credit report is a document containing details of your financial history and personal information. This is used by credit providers in Australia or overseas to weigh up whether you are a high-risk candidate or not.

Your credit file is affected based on late payments and even just applying for credit. If you have made multiple applications for credit or you have any defaults listed, it may be hard for you to obtain credit.

This is a lot easier than most people think. Even a few small missed payments or changing your address and not letting your creditors know can result in a black mark on your credit file. This negative listing can stay on your file for years.

We offer flexible repayment schedules. Pay your loan back in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments. The choice is yours.

To apply for a loan with bad credit loans, you must have the following;

  • 18 Years of age

  • Access to bank statements for a minimum of 90 days income

  • Australian Citizen or permanent resident

  • Basic contact information such as mobile and email address.

Yes! We offer bad credit business loans for people who are self-employed. Apply online or call us on 1300 123 328.