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Going Out Without Breaking the Bank

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Everyone wants to go out but no one wants to spend a chunk of their pay cheque just to meet up with friends. You don’t have to break the bank just to see your friends. There are lots of ways to socialise and not have to break the bank. Getting out of the house to hang out with friends can feel like a burden to your finances if it always involves bringing out your credit card. It used to be that just seeing friends was enough but as we get older it seems like it always costs money just to sit and talk somewhere. There are ways to get social interaction without breaking the bank but you just have to plan a little bit more.

Stop Breaking the Bank

You can cut down on your bar bill if you go out a bit earlier and catch the happy hour specials. After work specials can slash your drink bill. Having drinks at a friend’s place and getting a cab out to the club could be cheaper and maybe more fun since it gives you a chance to chat before going out. Lots of restaurants will let you BYO wine bottles and they might only charge you a corkage fee. If you are having loads of friends over then maybe buy a keg of beer or cases of wine instead of individual bottles.

Try to stay away from shopping trips. You will only end up spending money on things you do not want or need. If you do want to walk around and chat while you look at things then maybe go to a flea market on the weekend just for fun. If you like to do things that charge admission then have a look at off-peak times. A matinée at a movie can be half the price. Bowling alleys often have reduced rates on their slowest days. It can pay off to look at business’ websites and see if they have special rates on certain days. Other sites might have coupons or special rates on trips.

Free activities will never break the bank. A walk in a park or along the beach should not cost you anything. Make sure to keep an eye out for parking fees or entrance fees beforehand. There are loads of ways to have fun indoors at home and not break the bank. Watching a movie or a sporting event that is on TV is great for socialising. The best way to go out and not break the bank is to plan ahead and not do the same old bar and restaurant scene. Being creative and saving money can go hand in hand with a great time with a friend.