If it is time to move houses then it is also time to make a checklist of the things you will be taking and the things you will need to leave or get rid of. The trouble of moving can be made easier by leaving some things behind at the old place and getting rid of other things all together.

Moving House Checklist

Mattresses and frames

Big items like sofas, bed frames, and mattresses can be picked up by the local garbage disposal companies or sold and new replacements can be ordered and sent to your new house. A new bed or couch might be needed any how since the style and shape of your new house will almost certainly be different from your old one.


The closet shelves and garage shelves might be more of a headache to remove and it could save hours to leave them for the next tenant plus they might not even fit your new home. On those shelves in the closet or garage might be older appliances that rarely or never get used.


If you have three waffle irons then this move will be a great time to get rid of at least two of them. If you have a dishwasher or laundry machines then the new tenant might want to buy them off of you instead of having to go through the trouble of finding replacements. Any money you get from the old appliances can go towards new upgrades in the new home.

Fittings and fixtures

When you are making your moving checklist then make sure to pay special attention to the fixtures and fittings that you might have attached over the years. You might want to take your door handles or tapware with you but you might also be required to replace them with an equivalent replacement.

Outdoor decorations

Another thing to pay attention to is the garden. Anything that is planted in the ground will have to stay, whereas anything that is potted can go with you. The art and structures that you have amassed over the years in your back yard will have to go with you or at least leave the property when you do unless you have reached an agreement with the new owner or your landlord.

Moving can be a hassle but it can also be a great opportunity to clean out the clutter in your life so take the time to create a moving house checklist that plans out exactly what you will be able to leave behind or get rid of so that you have a fresh start at your new home.

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