When thinking about life after university, most people also reflect on the necessity of financial aid if they don’t have a job lined up right away. Eventually most end up getting personal loans to deal with their everyday bills and expenses. The opportunity of following your dream does not come cheap and it’s especially inconvenient considering that the average uni student doesn’t have a job ready. So what happens if you still don’t have a job or have just minimum-wage to pay back your personal loans? Get another personal loan on top of the first one? How can we get rid of this monstrous cycle of debt? There are a few smart ways of going through this burden and getting rid of it fast. Well, here’s how to pay your personal loans without feeling like they are eating you alive.

  1. Acknowledge your debt

The first step towards getting out of this problem is to accept the fact that this is indeed an issue. New graduates are hardwired to avoid troublesome situations, so our first reaction to the dangers of debt is obviously: “I’m ok. Everything is going just fine.” It doesn’t matter that the ground around us is burning; we try to hide from the severity of the situation.

Instead of doing that, try to look at your personal loan debt as if it were a utility bill. It’s not as if you forget to pay your electricity every month, do you? The same thing applies to how to pay your debts; once they have been acknowledged, you shouldn’t neglect them.

Also, you should read your contract and see exactly how much you owe, to whom and the details regarding the payments. This way, you will avoid ruining your credit score because of missed, late payments or fees that you did not know about.


  1. Make a payment plan

There are two ways to go about when you want to learn how to pay your debts: the avalanche and the snowball plan. With the avalanche plan, you basically take the loans with the highest interest rates and focus more on those so that your loan balance can go down.

On the other hand, if you feel like you need more continuous progress, then you can go with the snowball plan. With this method, you pay off the minimum fee for each loan while directing any extra money you might have towards the loan with the lowest balance. Your debt will gradually decrease, and you’ll be one step closer to being free.

Also, make a plan for all your monthly expenses. Consider planning a budget and try to stick to it in order to avoid making other debts. It would be a good idea to decrease your spending by not buying things you do not really need. If your expenses are bigger than your income, then you might consider taking overtime hours at work, switching to a better-paid job if possible, or maybe getting a part time one.

  1. Consolidate your personal loans

One of the main reasons why we feel squished by debt is because we’re juggling a lot of them at once – each with their own interest rates. If you’re struggling with personal loans, you know this. If you want to learn how to pay your personal loans efficiently, you could refinance your debt or consolidate it into one primary debt. This way, you will no longer have to pay different interest rates, and you’ll save up money in the long run. Basically, all your debts will become one, with a single interest rate and just one payment every month. Moreover, consolidating your debts will reduce the stress level you are under and improve the financial situation.

However, this will only work if you manage to land a loan that has a lower interest rate. Plus, you will need to have good credit if you want to land a more favourable loan.


Final Thoughts

Do not wait until you lose the fight against your debts. Learn how to pay your debts and avoid any unwanted situations. If you feel like things are getting out of your control and cannot keep up with the payments, take action as soon as possible. Talk to your lender, explain to him/her the situation and maybe try to work out a payment plan together; one that suits your needs better.

You just need to do some research before choosing the best financial option for you. Learning how to pay your mounting debts isn’t easy, but with a little bit of hard work and logical planning, everything can be done. For more help, you can go to our website www.badcreditloans.net.au. No matter your situation, our team can help you discover the right loan for you.

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