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what are low doc loans?

Low Doc Loans – When Should You Get One?

Are you in need of a loan and you don’t want to deal with the endless list of documentation required? A low doc loan can help you get the loan that you’re after. What Are Low Doc Loans? Low doc loans are a loan type that is available for self-employed or small business owners who do not have the necessary documentation required to apply for a loan with traditional lenders. Rather than supplying an endless list of documentation, all you will need is a form of income declaration or reduced income. This may include an accountant’s declaration or a business […]


How To Get Approved for Bad Credit Personal Loans?

Interested in bad credit personal loans? If your credit score situation is not that bright, it might be hard but not impossible to get accepted for a new loan. Fortunately, there are some lenders out there who are open to help people with bad credit to improve their scores. Even if they do not offer the lowest interest rates, at least they are offering you a chance to consolidate your debts or finance your needs. One of the best solutions is to apply for personal loans. Most of the lenders will leave aside the credit situation and will take into […]


Effective Methods of Using a Bad Credit Loan

Bad credit loans are – thank God – possible. However, they pose more safety concerns than the loans you take when your credit score is in perfect shape. First of all, they have higher interest rates, and they are often secured by your house. If you’ve taken a bad credit loan, you know how risky it is to have it secured on your assets, especially on your home. Definitely not something you’d want to happen to you. Many people take bad credit loans and end up being even more in debt. How is it possible? Simple: they make poor financial […]


How to Stop Living from Paycheck to Paycheck

If you barely break even at the end of the month, you have some serious money management problems, especially if you have a huge salary. You need to learn how to budget your money, and you need to do it quickly. Saving money is an easy task; changing your mindset, however, is a little more difficult. You ought to do it if you hate feeling financially helpless two weeks before your next paycheck. Here are a few tips on how to budget your money efficiently. How to Budget Your Finances – 4 Methods 1. Stop spending so much It’s only […]


Are You Coping with Bankruptcy as a Student? – The Survival Guide

In this day and age, students prefer using their credit card for every type of purchase without thinking that they might have to deal with bankruptcy. The expenses can range from food bought from your average store to an expensive personal computer purchased online. As with all teenagers, the problem is that responsibility is still something they struggle with. Using the credit card for every type of investment they deem to be important and skipping on paying debts is a sure sign that one day they will have to deal with bankruptcy. Other students use their tax money to buy […]


Surprising Ways You Can Find Yourself With Bad Credit

You know what bad credit is all about. It’s not fun to have, especially when you don’t see it coming. Of course, bad credit loans are a fine solution to your issue. But if you’re not sure what can leave or has left a stain on your credit history, read on. Here are a few surprising situations that can work against you and your credit. Things You Didn’t Know Could Result in Bad Credit   Cancelling your gym membership the wrong way   Most (if not all) gym memberships are paid via direct debit from bank account or card. If […]


How Bad Credit Happens and How to Avoid It

You may have bad credit and not even realise it. If you’ve never had to apply for anything that required a credit check, you might not know what state your credit is in. But you probably have phone, power and water providers who send you bills or you may have a credit card that’s being paid off. If you’ve ever been late or missed making a payment and didn’t rectify it with your provider in sufficient time, you might have negative items on your credit report. This means your credit rating may be low, thus affecting your future ability to […]


How to save money on weddings

Weddings are fun but can leave you with a huge debt at the end. Weddings are a time for celebration and happiness; you should be able to get through with it without spending a fortune so you will only have good memories about this very special day for you and your partner. According to market research, an average Australian wedding costs $36,000, give or take a little. Even a lifetime of memories should not cost that much, and to think that you will spend that much for one day is just not practical. Not to say that you should penny […]