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what are low doc loans?

Low Doc Loans – When Should You Get One?

Are you in need of a loan and you don’t want to deal with the endless list of documentation required? A low doc loan can help you get the loan that you’re after. What Are Low Doc Loans? Low doc loans are a loan type that is available for self-employed or small business owners who do not have the necessary documentation required to apply for a loan with traditional lenders. Rather than supplying an endless list of documentation, all you will need is a form of income declaration or reduced income. This may include an accountant’s declaration or a business […]


Is it Smart to Choose Bad Credit Loans While in Debt?

We’ve all been there – some more than others. We already have debts, and we are not entirely sure whether or not we should add even more to it. It’s like borrowing money from a friend, not giving it back and then asking for some more. What guarantee do you (or they) have that you’ll repay this new debt now if you didn’t repay them previously? Should you add more to the debt by opting for bad credit loans? Getting a Loan When You Have Bad Credit Many lenders do not really want to give money to people who have […]


How to Consolidate Your Debt, Even If You Have Bad Credit

How to consolidate your debt when dealing with bad credit? Some would say “easy!” as the process is basically the same as for your regular debts. Consolidation allows you to keep track of your payments easier and reduce general costs. This can be obtained by making only one payment per month, instead of multiple different payments. Each payment usually comes with its own interest rate and fees that only add up to how much you have to pay each month. Stop wondering about “how to consolidate your debt” and check out the benefits and options you’ll have when you obtain […]


Common Myths about Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans tend to have a lot of myths surrounding them, and sometimes we end up confusing their reputation with reality.  The most common one of all is that if you’ve never borrowed money, you have a clean record. Also, there is the misconception that because you’ve taken various loans throughout the years, you won’t receive another loan. Let’s look closer into the debate of bad credit loans and see which ones are true or false! Myths about Bad Credit Loans Bad credit loans won’t haunt you for life People tend to believe that home loans are bad credit […]


Surprising Ways You Can Find Yourself With Bad Credit

You know what bad credit is all about. It’s not fun to have, especially when you don’t see it coming. Of course, bad credit loans are a fine solution to your issue. But if you’re not sure what can leave or has left a stain on your credit history, read on. Here are a few surprising situations that can work against you and your credit. Things You Didn’t Know Could Result in Bad Credit   Cancelling your gym membership the wrong way   Most (if not all) gym memberships are paid via direct debit from bank account or card. If […]


How Bad Credit Happens and How to Avoid It

You may have bad credit and not even realise it. If you’ve never had to apply for anything that required a credit check, you might not know what state your credit is in. But you probably have phone, power and water providers who send you bills or you may have a credit card that’s being paid off. If you’ve ever been late or missed making a payment and didn’t rectify it with your provider in sufficient time, you might have negative items on your credit report. This means your credit rating may be low, thus affecting your future ability to […]


Bad Credit Loans – Getting out of bad debt

Bad credit can happen to anyone including you. If you need to get out of one a bad credit loan is the best solution. Most people struggle with this problem due to a number of unexpected life events which can affect a person financially. When those collection agencies and debt statements start entering the big picture due to late or incomplete payments, you may have a financial problem in your hands. You might think it will be impossible for you to ever get out of it at all. In fact chances are, you’re reading this because you’ve already amassed a […]


Avoid bad credit rating – No more credit cards

We all want to avoid bad credit rating because a pristine credit history can guarantee a bank loan. One will not have difficulties securing a loan if he’s confident about his credit score. However, people with poor credit rating can only resort to quick loans that usually have higher interest rates. Here are some suggestions to avoid bad credit rating. How to avoid bad credit rating Stick to your budget. Prioritise your basic needs over your wants.  To determine your budget, deduct your monthly expenses from your monthly salary and from the total amount set aside money for unexpected occurrences […]


How can I get out of debt with bad credit?

Bad credit can happen to anyone, as financial circumstances can quickly change, credit card payments can become too much of a burden or the high cost of housing takes a toll on the monthly budget. Each of these aspects can have a harmful effect on a person’s credit score if delinquencies start to be the norm or nonpayment becomes an issue. No matter the cause of bad credit, it can be a daunting task to determine what options may work best for your specific circumstances. In order to get out of debt with bad credit, it is necessary to know […]