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How to Get a $5,000 Loan with Bad Credit

Bad credit loans are some of the best banking services you can request if you don’t have a decent credit score. Why? Because when people have bad credit, they are also desperate for a loan. That means that they are even willing to accept outrageous interest rates and fees. Take, for example, no credit check loans. In this article, we will talk about bad credit loans and how to get at least five thousand dollars with these kinds of loans. Remember, just because you have bad credit, that doesn’t mean that it is the end of the road for you, […]


Where to Find Funding Options If You Risk Bad Credit

  Having to deal with bad credit won’t affect only your financial records, but it can also pose a serious threat when you’re trying to get a loan approved. Luckily for you, bad credit loans are the way to go if you’re struggling with denied applications from banks. In some cases, your credit score may go down due to bankruptcy, medical expenses or even because you simply don’t have any credit history. Although conventional lenders might deny you a loan, bad credit loans will help you get back on track. Bad credit loans are suitable for: Car loans If you’ve […]


How to Avoid Being Scammed With a Bad Credit Loan

  Many people turn towards bad credit loans because they don’t have an optimal credit score to apply for a standard loan. Unfortunately, more and more Aussies get scammed by fake lenders that promise a certain loan, in exchange for some charges. There is a number of fake loan offers on the market, and figuring out which ones are legitimate or not is quite difficult. The process used by scammers is remarkably similar to the one employed for regular bad credit loans. So, you should keep an eye out for the following signs: Pay attention to the way in which […]


Getting a Bad Credit Loan When You’re Self Employed

  Self-employed people or entrepreneurs usually have a tough time getting a loan. This happens because they don’t have all the necessary paperwork to attest that they have the finances to repay the loan. Not being able to prove that you have a steady income will make you realise that getting a loan approved is almost impossible. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Bad credit business loans for self-employed people do exist and are designed to help the ones in need, just like you! How Do Bad Credit Loans for Self-Employed People Work? They don’t require all documents A standard loan relies […]