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budgeting tips for families

Family budgeting: tips to make your money go further

If you have a growing family to support, you will be aware how difficult it can be to manage your finances to ensure that all the household bills are paid on time each month such as the mortgage, rent, utilities, insurances, loan repayments and of course food and transport costs.


20 Ways To Cut Down Monthly Expenses

Do you have bad credit? Are you struggling to cut down your monthly expenses? Saving money is similar to losing weight. If you want to lose a lot of weight fast, you may need to take extreme physical and dietary measures. Unfortunately, this is not healthy and it is not a long term way of keeping the weight off. Saving money is exactly the same. If you allocate an extreme amount of money towards your savings, you will definitely save money and pay off any debt. Unfortunately, this approach is not sustainable and you will struggle to develop good long […]


Staying on Budget with Prepaid Credit Cards

When you think of budgets and credit cards, you probably cringe. No one wants to go further into debt while maintaining a budget. The good news is that you don’t have to go into debt. Stick to your budget with a prepaid card   Whether you’re going on vacation or doing your weekly household shopping, you can load (add cash) to a prepaid credit card. This is a perfect way to know you are fully funded with a certain amount of money. Unlike traditional credit cards, you can’t go over your limit and there is no interest charge because you […]


Budgeting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Budgeting shouldn’t be too hard, right? In fact, most Australians do this regularly, and it is a technique that can have some impressive results. Still, many people are disappointed after creating a budget and give up on this idea. Generally speaking, there are a few mistakes that can lead to failure, and once you can no longer respect your budget, you may consider it useless or feel frustrated that you spend too much regularly. Budgeting Mistakes Building a budget that is too strict If you ever made this mistake, you surely remember the excitement of creating a budget, and then, […]


Dispel Fears of Living Pay Check to Pay Check

Living pay check to pay check means that you can barely manage to cover all your financial obligations with your current earnings. There are numerous Australians who are struggling with this. The bad news is that such a status is usually equivalent with economic vulnerability, and it also triggers a lot of fears. But the key to success is learning to get free of them. Otherwise, you will be stuck with them for a long time, and you will not be able to progress. Living Pay Check to Pay Check You don’t need to give up on all the things […]


Creative Budgeting – Living on Tight Budgets

Budgeting is the key to save money. How do you save? Do you spend first and save what is left or you save first and spend what is left? Do you save a portion of your monthly income? What if your income is just enough for your monthly expenses? It is time to cut your usual expenses. You may not notice it but you probably have been spending on the wrong item, or you live a lavish lifestyle. Budgeting is normally what moms do and with a little creativity they make the most out of it. Everyone can put themselves […]