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How to Act in Financial Emergency? Personal Loan or Credit Card?

Personal loans vs. credit cards: which one should win? Of course, in extreme circumstances, this choice is not an easy one. It is very stressful to deal with these choices alone – so imagine if you threw an emergency in the mix. You have so many things to do: pay your debts, fix your car, fix your health or fix the air conditioner that seems to be blowing more heat than cool air. And what do all these things have in common? It’s simple: they are very expensive. What Do We Do? Ideally, we should all have an emergency fund […]


Staying on Budget with Prepaid Credit Cards

When you think of budgets and credit cards, you probably cringe. No one wants to go further into debt while maintaining a budget. The good news is that you don’t have to go into debt. Stick to your budget with a prepaid card   Whether you’re going on vacation or doing your weekly household shopping, you can load (add cash) to a prepaid credit card. This is a perfect way to know you are fully funded with a certain amount of money. Unlike traditional credit cards, you can’t go over your limit and there is no interest charge because you […]


Basics About Bad Credit Personal Loans

It can happen to anyone – you have bad credit, due to problems or financial mishandling in the past and now you need to borrow some money urgently. You probably think that no one will lend it to you, but think again; that’s what bad credit personal loans are for.


Personal Loans versus Credit Cards

Personal loans and credit card companies continuously compete to gain more prospects. Both offer fast and low interest loans, which is why clients begin to ask which is ideal for them or which of these two options suits them best. It is a good thing that people have more choices to choose from, because one loan type does not work for everyone. People choose where they can benefit, and where they can save from interest rates. They don’t just patronize anymore as they are smarter these days. Personal Loans Personal loans come in two types – secured and unsecured. One […]