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how to enjoy your work

How to Enjoy Your Work

We are always told that in order to come to enjoy your work and your daily job, you should just go with your gut and make your passion your work, but that doesn’t always work. As Chris Guillebeau aptly points out, that severely limits your potential for success by only allowing one single path. According to the Fair Work Commission, Australians are not as satisfied with their jobs as they could be. So then, what should an Aussie do to enjoy their work? It’s a better idea to go about it searching for a career that touches upon three crucial […]


Beware of Direct Debit Payments

Direct debit emerged and became popular because of online services that are available today. It is a financial transaction of withdrawing funds from another’s account. This is a method where an account holder allows or authorizes the bank to pay a fixed amount meant for a service on a regular basis. Today more and more individuals who use online services utilize this payment approach simply because it brings convenience. Direct Debit Payments Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of direct debit payments. Pros: Convenience – It is convenient on both parties the customer and the online service […]