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Staying on Budget with Prepaid Credit Cards

When you think of budgets and credit cards, you probably cringe. No one wants to go further into debt while maintaining a budget. The good news is that you don’t have to go into debt. Stick to your budget with a prepaid card   Whether you’re going on vacation or doing your weekly household shopping, you can load (add cash) to a prepaid credit card. This is a perfect way to know you are fully funded with a certain amount of money. Unlike traditional credit cards, you can’t go over your limit and there is no interest charge because you […]


Surprising Ways You Can Find Yourself With Bad Credit

You know what bad credit is all about. It’s not fun to have, especially when you don’t see it coming. Of course, bad credit loans are a fine solution to your issue. But if you’re not sure what can leave or has left a stain on your credit history, read on. Here are a few surprising situations that can work against you and your credit. Things You Didn’t Know Could Result in Bad Credit   Cancelling your gym membership the wrong way   Most (if not all) gym memberships are paid via direct debit from bank account or card. If […]


Fund your next holiday with personal loans

There is always a reason or a season to take a holiday. Maybe the weather is getting worse and worse at home. The kids might be out of school for a week. You might just be leaving university and want to take a trip to celebrate. Everyone can find a reason to go on holiday but not everybody can find the money for one. If you are young and have not begun accumulating savings enough to take a trip then you might be thinking of asking your parents for some cash. If you are a parent then maybe you see […]


Going Out Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone wants to go out but no one wants to spend a chunk of their pay cheque just to meet up with friends. You don’t have to break the bank just to see your friends. There are lots of ways to socialise and not have to break the bank. Getting out of the house to hang out with friends can feel like a burden to your finances if it always involves bringing out your credit card. It used to be that just seeing friends was enough but as we get older it seems like it always costs money just to […]


Money Management – Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Debt may seem as a natural part of life these days but without proper money management you can fall into bad debt. Credit cards had made falling into debt as easy as swiping that plastic over the counter.  Like the speed of information exchanging on the internet, you may find yourself deep in a bad debt situation in the blink of an eye. Fortunately you have an option. You have the choice between a good and a bad debt. Of course as a rational person, one would choose the good over the bad. However it is not as simple as […]