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Debunked Myths About Bad Credit Loans

  No person in this world has a perfect credit history – unless you’ve always lived on a mountain, where you never had to use banks, credit cards or pay bills. However, if you are part of the 99.9% people who rely on some sort of credit, you’ve probably heard of these myths about bad credit loans before. We’ll be the MythBusters, Australian version.   I Can’t Get A Home Loan If I Don’t Have A Good Credit History There may have been a time when getting a bad credit loan was not an easy task. However, that was only […]


Common Myths about Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans tend to have a lot of myths surrounding them, and sometimes we end up confusing their reputation with reality.  The most common one of all is that if you’ve never borrowed money, you have a clean record. Also, there is the misconception that because you’ve taken various loans throughout the years, you won’t receive another loan. Let’s look closer into the debate of bad credit loans and see which ones are true or false! Myths about Bad Credit Loans Bad credit loans won’t haunt you for life People tend to believe that home loans are bad credit […]