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Are Payday Loans Bad For Credit?

When you’re short on cash and still waiting for your next paycheck, there are quick loan options available. But are payday loans bad for credit?


How Bad Credit Happens and How to Avoid It

You may have bad credit and not even realise it. If you’ve never had to apply for anything that required a credit check, you might not know what state your credit is in. But you probably have phone, power and water providers who send you bills or you may have a credit card that’s being paid off. If you’ve ever been late or missed making a payment and didn’t rectify it with your provider in sufficient time, you might have negative items on your credit report. This means your credit rating may be low, thus affecting your future ability to […]


Benefits of Small Loans during Financial Troubles

When financial bad times hit they seem to all bottleneck at once. Credit card bills, mortgage, car rego, taxes, emergency medical bills, and school fees. Usually, these bills should be arriving at a different time each month, but for some reason, it feels as though they are all hitting you at once. When these endless bills arrive, you may not have the cash flow to help you get over the line. Some people have the ability to reach out to helpful family members or dust off an emergency credit card. But for the majority of adults, it is not the […]