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How to Deal With Bad Credit if You Are Renting

  A bad credit rating will cause all sorts of problems, from getting your car loan denied, to the impossibility of getting a mortgage. Moreover, you will even have some issues when you’re looking to rent an apartment. Nowadays, landlords will check your credit score history before giving you the apartment. They’ll want to see if your finances are in order and if you have a good credit rating. This will tell them whether you can make the payments on time or not. In case you have a bad credit and can’t manage to close the deal on a rental, […]


Renting versus Home Ownership

At first, it may appear that house ownership is a dream come true to the majority of Australians. Nonetheless, is that really so? In fact, research informs us that the main things that people expect from their money are options and freedom. These two aspects are big factors influencing home ownership. Truth be told, this assumption has a lot to do with our culture. We tend to relate home ownership to adulthood and safety. But there is a question that follows: is it a good idea to buy a house or should you choose renting? Is It A Good Idea […]