Tips to Get Cheap Flights

Ready for a holiday? Get the most out of your money with these top tips to get cheap flights! We reveal the top 4 best money-saving hacks here...
4 Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights

Most of the time, when planning a trip, the flights are the most expensive part aside from travel insurance. That is why knowing the tips to get cheap flights can help. While prices for flights have fluctuated greatly over the years, they can still be expensive.

Flights can greatly reduce a travel budget. Whether you’re a solo traveller or a family looking to go abroad, finding a cheap flight can make all the difference. In fact, it can make or break your trip.

After all, if your flight is too expensive, you will likely put the trip off. Luckily, with help from financial services and cheap flights, you can still make it happen. Let’s take a look at how you can get cheap flights in simple ways!

What Are the Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights?

When it comes to the top tips to get cheap flights, you need to know what to do. There are always ‘secret hacks’ being thrown around that aren’t so secret – such as that cheap flights only come up on Tuesdays…

However, it is about far more than that. Keep reading to learn about the tips to get cheap flights!

1. Keep Your Flight Searches a Secret

Nope, you’re not crazy for thinking that a flight has changed prices after you searched it a few times. In fact, based on the cookies in your browser, flight prices actually do increase! This is because when a particular route is repeatedly searched, the site wants to scare you into booking before the prices go up further.

This can trigger you to act on impulse and buy at higher prices. So to keep your searches a secret, you can use Google Incognito mode or if you use Safari then you can use the Private browser mode. If you want to be even more invisible then you can also use a VPN so that your IP address is hidden and you can be anonymous. This is one of the best tips to get cheap flights.

keep flight searches a secret

2. Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates and Times

Airline tickets can vary depending on which day and time you want to travel. If Christmas or New Year is coming up, prices will skyrocket. In a nutshell, you never want to fly when everyone is flying.

Otherwise, you will find that your ticket prices will skyrocket out of reach. Try to be flexible on your date/times. Search alternative dates so that you can find the cheapest price that works within your budget.

The more rigid your plans are, the less likely you are to find a reasonable deal that suits your needs. It is always cheaper to fly during the week than on a weekend. This is because most people fly on the weekends.

Prices will also be far cheaper after a major holiday. If you are negotiable on times, consider early morning or late-night flights. They are cheaper as not many people want to travel at those times.

flexible with travel dates and times

3. Fly for Free with Points

The cheapest flight you will ever book is a free one. The best way to do this is with reward points. If you don’t currently have any, that is more than okay.

Even signing up for one travel rewards credit card and hitting the minimum spend is enough. In fact, it can land you major bonus points. Yes, even enough for a free flight!

You can sign up for many airline rewards and earn points with a particular airline or opt for a more general travel rewards card that will allow you to redeem points across a variety of airlines.

If you can opt for a travel rewards card, you will earn more points the more you fly. You may then gain access to several free flights throughout the time you have the card. The best thing to do is to shop around so you can find the best deal on the market. Utilise websites such as to see what’s available.

fly for free with points

4. Be Flexible with Your Destination

While sometimes you need to go to a certain place, sometimes you simply want to get on a flight. If you can’t be flexible when you fly, try to be flexible where you fly. While it is best to be both, it doesn’t always save money.

Airline searches have made it super easy to search the whole world for cheap tickets. You no longer need to search for flights manually. You can use sites to search for the flight you want.

Some websites will allow you to enter your home airport and then view a map of the world with flights on it. Sites that offer this feature are:

This feature on these websites allows you to compare multiple destinations. This means that you don’t have to brainstorm everything yourself. You may even find an interesting destination you never even thought of.

This is one of the most helpful tips to get cheap flights.

flexible with holiday desitination

The Bottom Line of Tips to Get Cheap Flights

Above are some of the best tips to get cheap flights. If you are looking to catch a flight soon but don’t have the up-front cash to afford it then take 10 minutes to complete a Bad Credit Loans application form. This way, you can enjoy the holiday of your dreams with a little helping hand!