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Hear YES with Bad Credit Loans!

Have the banks said no because of your bad credit score?
Enjoy fast, flexible finance with low-interest and greater chance of approval with Bad Credit Loans Australia

No impact on your credit rating - Obligation free
Bad Credit Loans is a friendly and understanding team of bad credit experts, providing loans for people with poor and bad credit at competitive rates.
We understand how daunting it can be applying for a loan when you have poor credit. The thought of being told no or having your credit report suffer further as a result of a credit enquiry is stressful.

But Bad Credit Loans provides opportunity when everybody else says no.

What are bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are financial products designed for individuals with poor credit scores or limited credit history. These loans are typically not offered by traditional lenders, such as banks, due to the perceived risk.

Some common reasons for a low credit score include:

  • Late or missed repayments:
    • Regularly failing to make payments on time can seriously damage your score
  • Making multiple credit enquiries:
    • Applying for multiple loans within a short space of time can suggest financial instability
  • Defaulting on loans:
    • Failing to make agreed payments can significantly damage your credit file
  • High credit utilisation:
    • Having a high balance on your credit cards (having a balance of less than 30% is ideal)
  • Having no credit history:
    • With no credit history, there’s no evidence that you are a responsible lender, so your score won’t grow.
did the banks say no

Does approval feel out of reach?

When you have bad credit, it can feel impossible to be approved for a loan. Many of the banks will turn you down because you are not considered "creditworthy". Meanwhile we see our clients as humans, not credit files.

Bad credit loans for medical bill

Life can throw curveballs

We understand that life is not always straight forward. Sometimes unexpected expenses can get in the way of our financial goals. We believe that this should not impact your financial future. We see people as humans, not credit files.

Fast and easy bad credit loans

Fast, competitive loans

That's why we offer a range of fast and competitive funding options for people with bad credit. We do not perform credit checks and we provide low doc loans. Our range of bad credit loans are tailored to suit you. We are flexible when banks are not.

What loans are available for people with bad credit? 

bad credit personal loans icon

Bad Credit Personal loans

A bad credit personal loan can help you to consolidate debt, cover medical bills, pay for holidays and more.

If you have bad credit then our flexible forms of personal finance can help you over the line.

bad credit business loan icon

Bad Credit Business loans

Your business shouldn’t suffer just because you have a poor credit score. We understand that sometimes you need to access funds fast to pay for a delivery, overheads, or simply to cover some start-up costs.

Apply for a business loan without any judgement.

Low doc loans for bad credit icon

Low Doc Loans

Low doc loans offer a streamlined borrowing process, requiring minimal documentation. Ideal for self-employed individuals or those with irregular income, they provide easier access to funds without extensive paperwork hassle.

No credit check loans for bad credit icon

No Credit Check Loans

No credit check loans provide quick financial support without scrutinising your credit history. They offer a lifeline for those needing funds urgently, bypassing the traditional credit assessment process.

Bad credit car finance icon

Bad Credit Car Finance

Bad credit car finance is a tailored solution for folks with less-than-perfect credit histories to secure car loans. Our specialised financing options could help you to get behind the wheel despite past credit challenges.

A bad credit loan for all your financial needs 

You can’t plan for everything and sometimes you may need financial assistance. Even if you have a low credit score we could help. 
car repairs icon

Urgent car repairs

Sometimes cars break down and you may not have the spare savings to fix your vehicle. It's even harder if you have bad credit. With a bad credit personal loan, you can get your car fixed and get back on the road.

medical expenses icon

Medical expenses

We never know what is around the corner, and there are times when you or your loved ones need to pay for medical expenses. Bad credit loans can help with health challenges.

business expenses icon

Business expenses

Running your own business is always challenging and with bad credit you may not be able to secure the funding you need to run your business effectively. Our loans can offer a second chance.

travel loan icon

Travel loans

Bad credit shouldn't stop you from travelling, whether it be for pleasure or to visit family. Our bad credit travel loans place the money you need directly into your bank account.

wedding expenses icon

Loans for weddings

If you are a couple preparing to tie the knot, or parents wanting to give their son or daughter the wedding of their dreams, our bad credit wedding loans can help.

dental expenses icon

Dental funding

The stress of needing dental work is enough without having to worry about finances too. If you need to pay the dentist for essential or aesthetic dental work, it could be time to apply for a bad credit loan.

home repairs icon

Renovation loans

When you home needs some sprucing up, being rejected for a loan can put a spanner in the works. A bad credit renovation loan can give you the means to give your home a makeover.

loan for soft furnishings icon

Loans for furniture

If you've just moved into a new place or want to update old furniture, but the banks say no, why not consider a bad credit personal loan to make your home furnishings more comfortable and beautiful.

white goods icon

White goods loans

Don't let your credit score stop you from getting a new washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or cooker. Our bad credit loans offer finance so you can be the domestic god or goddess you deserve to be.

Why choose Bad Credit Loans?

With our competitive rates and tailored service, we’ve helped thousands of Aussies get the funding they deserve. 
fast bad credit loan application

Speedy approval

Are you in need of quick funding? Our loan experts are able to provide assessment, approval and funding within 48 hours.

fast simple paperwork icon

Simple loans & paperwork

Don’t have the documentation needed to get funding? Keep it simple with our low doc bad credit loans. Minimal documentation is necessary to get your loan approved.

fast bad credit loan approval icon

We could say "yes"

When other lenders may say "no", we could say "yes". Our flexible business structure and specialist bad credit loan consultants provide the opportunity to find a pathway to bad credit loan approval.

Getting out of the credit card debt trap

Many Australians today lean on credit cards for financial assistance. Unfortunately, the average credit card in Australia sits at around a 15-20% interest rate. Additionally, a credit card comes with no clear pathway to being paid off, making it easy to get stuck in a credit card debt trap which becomes expensive as interest charges add up.

This could also negatively affect your creditworthiness if you just pay the minimum balance each month, have a low credit utilisation ratio (have a high remaining balance on your credit card debt) or miss the minimum repayments altogether.

If you have credit card debt that you are struggling to shake, or if you are contemplating taking out a credit card but don’t feel confident that you’ll be able to keep on top of the commitment, then speak to Bad Credit Loans Australia for guidance on what the best option is for you.

Getting out of the credit card debt trap
happy customers bad credit loans

Competitive rates for people with bad credit

Bad Credit Loans Australia understands that the traditional way of borrowing for emergency funds can be difficult, especially if you are one of many bad credit record holders in Australia.

Unfortunately, many lenders within the bad credit space come with high fees, strict terms and a lack of transparency. But we pride ourselves on our level of customer care. We intend to help you, not to take advantage.

We will always be transparent, understanding and provide a range of bad credit loans that come with competitive rates and flexible terms to help you as best we can.

We’re here to answer your questions

Bad credit is a term that represents your credit file situation. If you have poor credit, it is likely that your credit file is being negatively impacted by defaults, court judgments or credit inquires.

Lenders have access to your credit file, and can use this information to determine whether or not you are eligible for finance. Traditional lenders may be less likely to approve your loan application, as they consider bad credit borrowers as high risk applicants.


Are you finding it difficult to secure finance? Have you applied for more more than one loan and been declined each time? Was that loan rejected from a bank or credit union? 

Chances are that you have a bad credit score which is impacting your ability to get finance. If you’re unsure of what your credit score is then it may be time to check.

The good news is that you can view your credit score for free within minutes online.

For a more substancial breakdown of your entire credit report, then you may want to visit a credit reporting bureau such as Equifax. This can also be done online, but may cost a small fee. If you would like guidance on your credit report then we recommend speaking with Clean Credit. They are able to perform a credit health check with you on the phone and walk you through your credit file.


We’re all human. Humans make mistakes and sometimes all that it takes to drive your score down is a slip-up. We understand that life is full of unexpected surprises, and for that reason, we don’t assess you based solely upon your credit history. Our goal is to make sure that you’re given, every chance of financial success.

In saying so, it is important to understand some of the key factors that can lead you to a bad credit score

  • Late or missed payment
  • Default on a loan
  • Credit card debt that has accrued beyond the repayment date
  • Bankruptcy

No. Bad credit does not last forever. Whilst it can take several years to repair your credit score, you must start by adopting healthy financial habits. Paying bills on time and budgeting will help you to start taking control of your finances. 


Our criteria is simple. If you would like to apply for a bad credit loan you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a regular income
  • Provide Identification.

Yes, applicants who are on Centrelink benefits can apply for one of our many bad credit loans. Centrelink benefits do not limit your chance at finance. As long as you have the means to pay off the loan, we can find a product to suit your needs.


Yes. Each time you apply for a loan, a hard enquiry may be placed on your credit file. If you enquire for multiple loans over a short amount of time, it may be even harder to secure finance. Lenders can see all the enquiries as they are visible on your credit file. 

For this reason, it is important to check your credit score before you are thinking about applying for finance.


Fortunately there are ways to repair your credit file of incorrectly placed listings, defaults, court judgements and black marks and there are reputable companies that do this. Clean Credit Pty Ltd is a highly respected and reviewed credit repair company that specialises in credit repair and can help when you have exhausted your finance possibilities. 


If you are approved a bad credit personal loan then you will receive the money directly into your bank account which means that essentially, you can use the money for anything! This might include:

  • Medical bills
  • Dental work
  • Car purchase
  • Home renovation
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Vacation
  • Wedding
  • Furniture
  • White goods & electronics

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