Bad Credit Loans In Brisbane

We help clients in Brisbane that are struggling to find a loan. We have an experienced team that understands bad credit and works to find our clients the right funding.

We have options for people who don’t usually qualify for traditional loans. We assist clients that have bad credit files and past defaults. We aim to understand your position, and find you a solution!

Our loans can help you with:

Our experienced team is used to working with clients that have been rejected by traditional lenders. If you have a bad credit history and are struggling to find a loan, contact our Bad Credit Loans Brisbane team and get your peace of mind today!

Bad Credit Loans Brisbane

Lachlan has lived in Brisbane most of his life. For years he has been ignoring his credit card debts, never paying his bills on time, and never trying to pay it down. Currently, he is looking to buy a new car and needs to borrow about $15,000.

After approaching five traditional lenders he was rejected by all of them on the basis of his credit file. He was feeling defeated and felt like his options were dwindling. Fortunately for Lachlan, we understand these situations and can work through them.

Lachlan filled out a quick enquiry form with Bad Credit Loans and within 72 hours he had the money transferred into his account. Two weeks later Lachlan was enjoying that new car smell in his new ride!

Loans for People with Bad Credit

We have an experienced bad credit loans team. If you have a few late payments or an unmanageable credit card balance, let’s do something about it!

We help people who have:

We help clients that have defaults and missed payments on their record. Get the financing you need and reclaim control of your bad credit situation.

To get started today, fill out our no obligation, 30 second enquiry form – Apply Now!

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