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Get your life back, free from bad credit

Need A Bad Credit Personal Loan? We Can Help!

Is your bad credit history impacting your ability to secure a loan? Are you stuck with an annoying default that was listed 3 years ago? At Bad Credit Loans, we understand that life isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes things don’t go to plan. We may just need that extras boost to get the ball rolling again. That shouldn’t mean you’re punished forever.

We Offer Hassle-Free Bad Credit Personal Loans

At Bad Credit Loans, our experienced team knows that most Australians have debts they need to repay while trying to make ends meet. With bad credit, it’s difficult to get the right financial assistance, making things hard for you and your loved ones.

Thinking Personal loan? Choose Bad Credit Loan

  • Flexible options: A loan that suits your needs.
  • Competitive interest rates: We are not a traditional bank
  • Fast application: Your entire application process will feel like a walk in the park.
  • Personalised service: Our bad credit personal loans are all about you.

Benefits Of A Personal Loan Bad Credit

Debt Consolidation

Are you stuck paying multiple credit cards? Is your debt spiralling out of control? A Bad credit personal loan can help you consolidate your debt into one neat and tidy package. Pay off any high interest, small debt with your bad credit personal loan.

Lower Interest Rates Than Credit Cards

If you are not paying the credit account off within the zero interest time period, the interest will get you. In the long run, a personal loan with bad credit may end up being cheaper as you are not charged outrageous interest rates.

Build Or Support Credit File

Even though you may have a default, judgement or blackmark on your credit file, a loan for people with bad credit can help you begin cleaning up your credit history. Use your funds to pay off any existing debt. Seek out credit repair specialists to help you remove defaults.
Consolidate your debt. Better manage your finances through responsible borrowing.

Collateral Is Not Typically Required

An unsecured personal loan with bad credit does not typically require collateral.

Cover Unexpected Costs

A bad credit personal loan can help you get through the unexpected. Use your funds to pay for common expenses such as medical bills, emergency vehicle repairs or urgent home repairs.

Bad credit loans are aware that unexpected costs arrive quickly. That’s why we work hard to approve your loan as quickly as possible. Receive the funds within as little as 24 hours after approval.

One-Off Purchases

Use your bad credit personal loan to pay for one off purchases such as a new car, holiday or refrigerator.


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Our specialists at Bad Credit Loans want to help YOU fulfil your personal desires with our Bad Credit Personal Loans. Contact us now for a free consultation on how we can help you fund your personal goals. Or get started with our 30-second no obligation enquiry process. It’s that simple.

Bad Credit Personal Loan Calculator

Compare two types of Bad Credit Loans with our handy loan calculator.

We help all Australians find their perfect bad credit personal loan to suit their financial situation. We have competitive interest rates and repayment options you can choose from, designed to suit your lifestyle and expenses.

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