What are bad credit loans?

A bad credit loan is a type of loan that is offered to someone who has a bad credit history. This may be the result of a negative listing, default or judgment that has been placed on a persons credit file.

How does bad credit affect your loan application?

One of the first things a lender will check when assessing your application is your credit report and credit score. This is used by lenders, to support them in determining, whether or not you will be able to repay the loan. 

If your credit file contains defaults, late payments, blackmarks, excessive credit inquires and court judgments, it will be unlikely that a traditional lender will accept your loan application. At the same time, a low credit score can significantly decrease the likelihood of acceptance.

Fortunately, we are not a traditional lender. Our loan application process does not revolve around your credit file. That’s right, we may not check your credit file, meaning you can finally move forward with your finances.

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Why choose Bad Credit Loans ?

fast bad credit loan approval

Fast loan approval for bad credit applicants

Receive funds within as little as 24 hours of approval. Our goal is to get much-needed funds to you quickly.

bad credit loans expert consultants

Bad credit loan specialists

Bad Credit Loans Australia has helped thousands of Australians find personal and business solutions. Our team is specially trained in this area of financial service.

tailored customer service

Tailored customer service despite bad credit

Our loan specialists will quickly understand your financial situation. Our primary goal is to find the right product to suit your specific needs, regardless of a poor credit history.

start hearing "yes" from lenders for bad credit loans

Start hearing "yes" from non-bank lenders

With a Bad Credit Loan, we can open financial doors traditional menders cannot do. We look beyond your credit score and at your ability to pay the loan.

Bad Credit Loans for most situations

bad credit personal loans icon

Personal loans

Do you need the extra funds to cover any unexpected costs? If you have bad credit and have been rejected from a bank, we have you covered.

bad credit business loans icon

Business loans

Do you need the extra funds to cover any unexpected costs? If you have bad credit and have been rejected from a bank, we have you covered.

low doc loans icon

Low doc loans

Don’t have all the documentation needed to secure a loan? Don’t worry. We offer Bad credit low doc loans. Minimal documentation is necessary.

small loans icon

Small loans

We provide small loan options to help you sort out those unexpected issues. Cover emergency bills, outstanding debt or whatever you need with a bad credit loan.

How to secure a loan with bad credit

Apply with bad credit loans online

1. Enquire online

It takes less than a minute!

Apply now!
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2. Determine your solution

A loan specialist will discuss your financial situation and determine the best possible solution.

Apply now!
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3. Funds transfer

After you have reviewed and accepted your Bad Credit Loan, the funds will be transferred to your nominated business account.

Apply now!

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