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Bad Credit Loans Hobart

No impact on your credit rating - Obligation free
The bad credit loans team are experienced in working with clients that have been rejected by traditional lenders. Our team of loan experts seek to understand your financial needs. We tailor our bad credit loans around your sticky financial situation to offer the most ideal financial solution.

Bad credit loans are perfect for…

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During tough times, bad credit is the last thing you need. But rest assured, there is hope. Our range of bad credit loans is more flexible compared to what most other lenders can offer. We are able to look at more than just your credit score.

We understand that finance for a new car or home can feel out of reach for many people with bad credit. But everybody deserves a second chance.

Michelle’s tricky situation in Hobart

Below is an example of how we can help if you live in Hobart:

Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotionally and financially taxing journey.
Three years after filing for bankruptcy, Michelle began searching for a personal loan. With her past bankruptcy, she worried that she would never find a loan.

Unfortunately, she was rejected by two big banks and this led to credit enquiries being added to her already poor credit file.

After wasting time supplying endless documentation and feeling disheartened, Michelle began searching for alternative loan providers.

Michelle quickly found Bad Credit Loans online. She filled out our enquiry form. A loan specialist contacted her and discussed her financial needs. Michelle was able to quickly secure a personal bad credit loan. She used the funds to take time off and enjoy travelling.

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Bad credit does not mean that you are a bad borrower

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Has your credit score been affected by:

We all experience financial hardship and setbacks in life. Our team of bad credit loan experts strongly believe that bad credit should not restrict you from regaining financial control. Don’t be discouraged by a bad credit situation.

Explore your bad credit loan options by completing our quick & easy online application form.