Bad Credit Loans In Adelaide

A bad credit file can make it next to impossible to get a loan. A few past credit blemishes and you can be turned away by most traditional lenders. Luckily we have an experienced bad credit loans team that understands a bad credit doesn’t mean you are a bad borrower.

Have you been turned away for a loan by a traditional lender? If you are struggling to find a loan, we can help with our bad credit loans! We have a friendly team that helps clients who have bad credit!

Our bad credit loans can help with:

We have an experienced team that understands how bad credit happens. We help clients in bad credit situations and may be able to help you too. For a free consultation, fill out our quick online enquiry form!

Overdue Bills in Adelaide

A bad credit can sneak up on all of us. Although letting your credit card debt sit for a year and letting overdue bills build up for months is not going to help your bad credit situation.

For Ann, it was shopping that racked up the bills. She always wanted something new to wear each week and her habit of charging her card and building up debt had negative effects on her credit file.

After ignoring the debt for over a year Ann was in need of help. She approached two banks and was rejected due to her bad credit file. Ann decided to try enquiring with Bad Credit Loans.

At Bad Credit Loans, we understand that bad credit happens and we have a team that assists clients who have bad credit.

Ann received her bad credit loan within 72 hours and was able to pay down the high interest credit cards and get on track towards a debt free lifestyle.

Loans for Those with Bad Credit

We help clients that have defaulted on previous loans or who have a poor or bad credit history. At Bad Credit Loans we want to support you through the loan process.

Our experienced team assists clients that have:

We get that bad credit happens. Rather than reject you based on your credit file, we aim to qualify you by understanding your situation. You may qualify for our bad credit loans, even if you have been turned down in the past.

Get your bad credit loan by filling out a quick online enquiry form – Apply Now!

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