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Bad Credit Loans Canberra, ACT


Bad Credit Loans offer loans that are specifically selected those individuals with bad credit in the nation’s capital, Canberra. Our experienced bad credit loans team understands your unique situation to find the most appropriate solution.

Our lending options help borrowers who may not qualify through a traditional lender. We help Canberrans who have credit issues. Whether you have defaults, late payments, or overdue debts we have an experienced team that understands these situations. We will work with you to find you a solution!

Bad Credit Loans can help you:

  • avoid bankruptcy

  • cover debts

  • cover bills

  • pay off defaults

  • pay surprise expenses

  • and more…

We are experienced in working with clients who have poor or bad credit files. If you are struggling to find a loan, contact our Bad Credit Loans Sydney team and get a free consultation today!

Bad Credit Loans – a Canberra story

Douglas from Canberra went through a separation with his wife of 10 years, which left his finances in disarray, and several credit card loans that he was struggling to pay due to the crippling interest rates. He needed help to get back on top of the bills and needed $4,500 to cover his credit cards.

Douglas’ credit file was not the most clean and he was having a hard time not just with the separation, but with the banks who kept knocking him back for a loan.

Douglas turned to us and we were able to find him a solution. Because of our experience in these matters, we found the right loan product. He was able to get all of his high interest cards into one loan and manageable weekly payment payment, on a lower interest rate.

The weight was lifted off Douglas’ shoulder and he is now moving towards financial freedom and moving on happily in his new life.

Loans for bad credit

We help clients who have defaulted or who have a poor or bad credit file. Generally, a traditional lender will not give loans to people with defaults or marks on their credit history. Here at Bad Credit Loans we want to support our clients who are struggling. If you have missed payments in the past or debts that are stacking up and affecting your credit file, let us help you out!

Is your credit file is affected by:

  • defaults on past loans,

  • bankruptcy filings,

  • excessive personal debt,

  • missed payments, our friendly team of experts can help you sort it through.

We are an experienced loans team that assists clients in bad credit situations every day. We aim to understand your situation and use our experience to find you a solution that works.

If you have unpaid bills, unforeseen costs, or are sitting with unmanageable debt, do something about it. You may qualify for a bad credit loan, even if you have been turned down in the past.

Contact our friendly team by filling out a no credit check, no obligation inquiry form.

Let’s get started!


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