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disadvantages of short term loans

The Main Disadvantages of Short Term Loans  

  Short term loans, as far as you’re concerned, are harmless. What can go wrong if you borrow a relatively small sum of money with a short term? Well, a bunch of things, actually. While it is true that short term loans are a lot less dangerous than those with long term, they are not completely devoid of risks. Therefore, before you go to the bank and ask for one, you better become acquainted with the disadvantages it will come with. This way, you will spare yourself of some unpleasant consequences. There are 3 main pitfalls when it comes to […]


Benefits of Small Loans during Financial Troubles

When financial bad times hit they seem to all bottle neck at once. If you have ever had credit card bills due at the same time as big utility bills, taxes, emergency medicals bills along with car repair bills then you know how it feels to have the whole world wanting a piece of you at the same time. Usually these bills do not roll in all at the same time but if they do then your monthly pay check might not cover them all and your easy access savings might not even be enough. Some people have the ability […]