If you’re thinking about finding the best holiday destinations for you and your family, you have reached the right place. You can enjoy a unique, family vacation with your loved ones either in Australia or internationally, at great prices. It is possible to travel, even overseas, without spending your entire bank deposit. In this view, we have selected a couple of alternatives so that you can make your best pick. Keep on reading to find out which one suits your taste, and wallet, best.

Best Holiday Destinations for Small Budgets


Vietnam has become increasingly popular among Australians as one of the preferred holiday destinations. Besides being engrossed with culture, the best part of a vacation in Vietnam is that the prices are utterly affordable. You can book great luxury hotel packages at awesome prices. To get an idea of how affordable a vacation in Vietnam is, you can genuinely enjoy a three-course meal with drinks for two for around $10.


Fiji is not a secret holiday destination; that’s a given. But the core of South Pacific can never run out of style. With the cheap flights available and all, it would be such a pity not to give Fiji a try. You will get the chance to relish the beauty of the serene beaches and unique vibe of the place. To convince you, I’ll tell you that return flights plus seven nights’ accommodation at the 5-star Radisson Blu Resort Fiji begin from $1165 per person. You read that just right. So, start planning your vacation to Fiji.


If you wish to stay within the Australian borders, you should know that Melbourne has been rated as the world’s most liveable city out of 140 cities worldwide. It would be a real pity not to give it a chance and pay it a visit, as the prices are utterly attractive as well. The average room price of a hotel in Melbourne starts from $163.


Tonga incorporates 170 islands that will provide you with the chance to try your talent at surfing, diving in, swimming and so on and so forth. This is one of the best holiday destinations for you, at the most affordable prices, I might add. Return flights, plus the addition of accommodation for three nights at the 3-star Lagoon Lodge, breakfast included, are priced from $859 per person.


In the proximity of Fiji, Vanuatu certainly embodies one of the best gems of the Pacific. What builds its popularity is its immense diversity. It offers first-class dive sites, adventurous activities, cruising and submersing in the vast culture and history of the place. These are only a few of the perks of visiting Vanuatu. Now, care to know the prices for such a vacation? Return flights plus the accommodation for four nights at a 3-star resort begin at $689 per person. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Start packing!

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