Should I quit my job? The answer is NO

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When you work full time from 9 to 5 every week day, you may feel like you’re in a rut if you’re not having fun. It’ll start to feel like a never-ending cycle of the same tasks every single day and you just feel bored and hopeless. Times like these make you think “Should I quit my job?” “Is this right for me?” “Where am I going with this job?” The quick answer is “Stop thinking negative thoughts”

Of course some people are stuck in a job they hate, stuck in a work environment that’s physically and mentally damaging them and the best thing they can do for themselves is to quit. But sometimes instead of thinking “Should I quit my job?” focussing your energy on improving what you have and turning it into something way better.

When you ask yourself – Should I quit my job?

Don’t dwell on negative thoughts. You may surround yourself with some colleagues who like to gossip, who like to complain a lot, etc and their behaviour starts to seep into your mind. These negative thoughts will only lead you to more negativity and make you want to flee. So instead of drowning yourself in negativity, focus on what’s great about your job; be proud of your job and the effort you put into it every day; talk to your colleagues about your exciting new projects and what you hope to achieve. Thinking positively can solve a lot of things in life. It may sound cliché but changing your mindset and being positive can actually make you feel better about a lot of things, even your job.

Prove to your managers and employer that you are worthy of an upward movement. Sometimes you’ll think there’s no room for you to grow, like you’re stuck in a job with no advancement. But have you actually talked to someone who has the capability to promote you? Have to spoken openly about how you want to move into a management role or somewhere higher up? If you feel this way, speak to your employer or manager or the HR department; work with them to identify what you need to do to achieve that status so you can grab that next promotion.

Have you had any time off? Have you been drilling yourself with so much work that time has actually passed by so quickly and you’ve been working for months and months without any time off? And you’re thinking should I quit my job? Well, maybe you don’t need to quit your job, you just need a break. It’s healthy to have a break once in a while just to recharge your brain and have some recreational time to yourself. You don’t need to make that break a permanent one. Just take a few days or weeks off and you can come back to work feeling refreshed with an entirely better and positive attitude. It’ll even be better for you.

If you have concerns about certain aspects of your job and they are genuinely unbearable, you should always address them with your current employer. If someone in your team is actually hard to work with and no one has bothered to voice their concerns, step up and tell the responsible bodies that it’s not working out; some things need to change to be more productive and progress. You might even make your job a whole lot better than what it was. You might make other people’s lives easier just by speaking up.

So if you ever feel like you’re stuck in your job and feel like quitting, think about these things first. Try to improve it first before deciding to quit and go through the gruelling process of hunting for a new job.

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