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Secured and Unsecured Loans – Which One Is Best?

Lending options are divided into secured and unsecured loans. A lender analyses a consumer’s credit history before offering a loan. This is, presumably, the main aspect that will convince a lender to offer you an unsecured loan. So, which one of these two categories is best for you? What are the characteristics that distinguish them? Explaining Secured Loans Secured loans include an asset as security, such as a house in the case of a mortgage loan, or a vehicle in the event of an auto loan. This asset constitutes the collateral for the loan. When you choose such a loan, […]


Getting a Bad Credit Loan When You’re Self Employed

  Self-employed people or entrepreneurs usually have a tough time getting a loan. This happens because they don’t have all the necessary paperwork to attest that they have the finances to repay the loan. Not being able to prove that you have a steady income will make you realise that getting a loan approved is almost impossible. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Bad credit business loans for self-employed people do exist and are designed to help the ones in need, just like you! How Do Bad Credit Loans for Self-Employed People Work? They don’t require all documents A standard loan relies […]