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Three Good Reasons Why Smart Borrowers Use Short Term Loans

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s easy to forget the reasons why you needed a loan. Short term loans help you fill the momentary cash flow gap in your personal finances or in your business. It is one of the most useful tools that you can tap into when you need cash to take advantage of good business opportunities, or to avail discounts on big ticket items. It is also handy during emergency situations—simply because of its easy application and quick approval process. But is it for everyone? It may appear to be so, considering the fact that a short term […]


Surefire Benefits of Short Term Loans

Short term loans are quick and convenient loan options during financial emergencies. Its quick approval feature makes it the ‘to-go ‘option not only for people with bad credit score but even those with excellent credit as well. Here are the practical benefits of short term loans that many borrowers don’t know about: Improves your credit score Your credit report shows all your credit transactions, including your short term small loan applications. So, if you applied for these loans a few months back; but, you were rejected– then your credit score will reflect this event. But, when you get approved for […]


What Lenders Won’t Tell You About Low Doc Loans

Low doc loans are designed for people who cannot provide sufficient documentation to prove income, as commonly required by banks and traditional lenders. Because of its high-risk nature on the part of the lender, there are some restrictions to it to compensate for the risk of not being repaid. Low doc loans could come with the following issues: Higher APRs and Fees What would a lending company do to ensure that it could recover the borrowed amount in the fastest way possible, before the borrower decides to default on the loan? Most probably, it would increase the interest rate. That’s […]


How To Choose A No Credit Check Car Loan

Bad credit can reduce your chances of getting the most affordable car deals available. Good thing there are ‘no credit check car loans’ for people with les stellar credit. But, is it wise to get a loan from specialised lender? Are there guidelines to find cheaper car loans without risking your credit? Here are tips in choosing the most practical no credit check car loans in the market: Check your credit report Simply request from the major credit reporting agencies in the country to ensure that you can still fix any mistakes you find in any of them. Why three, […]