Top Gardening Tips for this Summer

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Gardening is an activity which the whole family can enjoy especially during summer. Planting lush greens and flowers add beauty to any garden. Trees provide instant shade to protect you from heat and direct sunlight. Plant a variety of blooms to add colour and choose fragrant flowers to keep your surrounding smelling sweet. There a lot of things you can do to improve your garden.

Gardening may sound like a pensioner’s hobby but it doesn’t need to be. It can actually relax you after a long day of stressful work. Just the act of planting something and watching it grow has its other worldly remedial effect on people. Even when you sort out any issues for those plants, you feel like you achieved something. So here are a few gardening tips you can follow to make your hobby just a little bit more fun.

Fun Top Gardening Tips

  1. Pots – Bored with clay pots? Colorful pots in different styles are available in the market today. Some are even painted in bright hues. Traditional gardening involves orange clay pots. But as time goes by, pots became more stylish and colorful. Especially at Kmart: you can buy colorful quirky pots for your plans for a small price.
  2. Decorate – Place stones, statue, fountain or windmill to decorate your garden. Add chairs and tables with umbrella. Decorations will be based on your desired style.
  3. Place a hammock – If you have two trees in close proximity or something strong to support a person or two in suspension, having a hammock can be great for your garden. This will encourage your family to spend more time outdoors than indoors in front of the TV screen.
  4. Lights – Turn your garden into a perfect party venue. Enhance the beauty of your garden by adding LED or solar powered lights. There is no need to rent a place for parties or ask for a reservation. Decorate, add tables, chairs and you have a venue for parties or any special gatherings at any time.
  5. Pergola – Fond of vines? This is a perfect climbing spot for vines to grow. Plant flowers or even grapes. Pergola is often seen in garden weddings. It also creates a fresco dining area.
  6. Sectioning – Do you have a spacious garden? Make the most of it by dividing it into several sections. One side is for flowers, the other is for orchids and for veggies. Plant herbs, stevia, romaine lettuce, chili, celery, tomato, or basil. You can also divide it by color. Red flowers like roses and poinsettias go together.
  7. Trees – Spacious gardens must have fruit bearing trees.
  8. Grass – Plant low maintenance ornamental grass.

Gardening is fun. It is a nice feeling to see flowers in bloom. Water the plants regularly. Use organic fertilizers and spray insecticide to keep insects away. With these simple gardening tips, you can transform and make your garden beautiful.

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