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How Far Can People Go to Save Money?

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Desperate people take desperate actions when they need to save money. The economy nowadays is not friendly with any consumer, and everything you buy can leave you with a huge hole in your pockets. Houses are getting more expensive by the minute, a pack of cigarettes costs a ton, and even the plain old groceries can make you cry in front of the counter.

Even so, there are some people who mastered the money-saving art and are prepared to share a few of their tricks with us. You’d be surprised of the lengths some people go to just save an extra buck or two.

Those Who Save Money – Taken to Extremes

Eating Cheap Will Save Money

Have you ever felt that the “loose change” menu at McDonald’s isn’t cheap enough? Well, you’re not the only one. Some Reddit posters admitted to the fact that their mothers would bring their own cheese to McDonald’s to add in their cheeseburgers – just to save a few bucks. Others admitted that they brought their own cans of fizzy drinks for the same reason.

Some people eat, and others will just skip eating altogether. Many people said that they skip meals to save some money while a user on Reddit confessed that Friday is a day of fasting. Another person admitted to taking (too much) advantage of the free coffee refills from her usual coffee shop. She said that she only had to get rid of the cup when it started to fall apart.

Saving on Hygiene

This is where things can get disturbing. Some Reddit users admitted to using the same disposable razor for almost six months, while others confessed to wearing the same pair of contact lenses for more than two weeks, considering that they were only meant for lasting two weeks.

Some women admitted to using rolled-up toilet paper as makeshift pads so that they won’t have to buy tampons. On the other hand, other women admitted that they save money by not wasting one tiny bit of their deodorants, using up to the last drop of their roll-on and scraping through the stick with a knife.

The hygiene chapter finale consists of a group of people that would hand around the stages where “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was performed. When the character Brad Majors would yell “Great Scott!” he would also throw pieces of toilet paper which the group would collect.

Kiddie Deals

Some people said that they made fake IDs to look younger. While the majority would make them to appear older, one did the exact opposite so that he would get discounts. One certain college student admitted to laminating fake IDs which showed him as less than 18 so that he would get discounts or free “children” passes. He eventually got caught at a ski resort.

What would you do to save money in your daily routine?