Looking for creative Christmas gift ideas? You’ve come to the right spot! Tis the season to shop for gifts for your loved ones. But in case you are working on a budget, there are smart ways to give away cool creative gifts without spending too much. Say you have a long list of family and friends, how will you be able to buy expensive gifts for all of them? Remember, it’s the thought that counts and if you are down to create personalised gifts; we have listed several cool Christmas gift ideas for you.

Listed here are some cool Christmas gift ideas that will surely please your loved ones.

  1. Personalised photo journal – Photo journal or scrapbook has the same materials. You can find cute scrapbook materials online or in arts and crafts stores. Use glue, stickers and place photos of your loved ones. Create pockets where you can insert photos. Cut according to the size of your photo. Stick cut-outs like florals, leaves, bows, buttons, etc. depending on your chosen theme.
  2. Fuzzy Mugs – Mugs can be personalized. Use felt paper (you can buy this at craft stores). Cut out designs and stick them on the mugs’ outer surface.
  3. Snow Globes – Do you have empty clear jars? Create cute and stylish snow globes! Here’s what you need: glue gun, empty jar with lid, gift card, and glitters. Kids love snowballs. Even adults are fascinated with these magical snow globes.
  4. Keepsake box – Origami box in red and green hue will brighten anyone’s Christmas. Use it to store tiny items to keep them in place. Place a bow on top of the box to make it look expensive.
  5. Holiday Ornaments – Make personalized Christmas ornaments by using round clear ornaments, and design them by using beads, scrap lace and bows. Styrofoam balls are also available in various sizes. With a little creativity, you can turn these dull Christmas balls into fascinating Christmas ornaments.
  6. Writing Set – Use textured paper and cut it into the desired size. Apply padding glue to secure the bind. Use cute stamps to design every leaf. Make several pads in different sizes and finish it by tying a nice ribbon.
  7. Customised wall calendar – gather some of your favourite photos and merge them into a calendar with Shutterfly. With the amazing quality of smartphone cameras, you can take some high quality photos. The perfect gift for your friend, partner or parents. 
  8. Personalised chocolates – Everybody loves chocolate. Check out Chocablocks for a range of personalised chocolates.
  9. At home ice cream mixing station – Have you seen those cool videos of people cleverly combining ice cream into one mouth-watering ball of joy. It’s the perfect gift for ice cream enthusiasts. 
  10. Custom face socks – Yes that’s right. Find the best possible photo you have and put it on a pair of socks for somebody you know. Go to My Face Socks, it will cost you around $26.  

These are a few simple Christmas gift ideas that you can give this holiday season. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Making personalised gifts can touch anyone’s heart. All you need is to devote a little time and exert a little effort when creating these personalised gifts.


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